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A Guide to Stand Out This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a lot of you gents out there are probably considering and wondering what to wear to impress that special someone. While we understand the norm is to wear red because it represents love, we want to challenge you to think a little bit outside of the box.

With the help of our tailoring experts, we would like to share a few pointers that will make you stand out whether you plan on taking your date to a fancy place, a casual place or maybe even where you had your first date. We already mentioned that a safe color to always fall back to on Valentine’s Day is red or maybe just a white shirt with red patterns and that’s completely okay. But today, we want to share some alternatives we believe could really impress your loved one.

Pastel colors in dress shirts are a great way to showcase men’s masculinity. While we understand your first reaction might be to not wear light pastel colors, we believe the soft and soothing shades of pink, light blue, light green and even lavender will create a nice contrast with the dark colors from your suit or your pants. Think of them as non-primary colors mixed with a touch of white. Check out this palette of unique colors for your next tailored dress shirt.


Pastel Colors work with every type of setting


If you are taking your date to a fancy place, it is customary for men to wear a suit or a sport coat. A dark colored suit would be the best way to contrast your pastel color dress shirt, your face and of course, the flowers you plan to give your loved one.

If a casual setting is more suitable for this special occasion, meaning you don’t have to wear a suit, then we would recommend wearing a dark colored pair of slacks or maybe even some dark khaki shorts to create a similar contrast. And for this type of setting, we think an untucked dress shirt with rolled up sleeves could also make a unique impact.

Here’s the same color palette matched with the dark fabric colors of your suit or pair of slacks. We think this guide can help you find a unique combination that will make you stand out this Valentine’s Day.


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