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Why Go Custom For Your Dress Shirts

One of the biggest fashion complaints we hear from men that buy dress shirts at local department stores is the lack of options and that they can never find a shirt that fits their exact requirements. Most popular brands focus on two specific measurements, neck size and sleeve size, but what about chest, waist, tail, overarm, hip or yoke? The regular “off the rack” dress shirt is usually manufactured following average standards. “Is your neck size 16 inches? then your chest size will most likely be between 41 – 44 inches and your pants size should be around 33 to 35 inches, therefore we will manufacture accordingly”.

If this frustrates you and you feel like you can never find a dress shirt that fits you perfectly, then tailored is the way to go. Buying a custom-made dress shirt eliminates all odds of owning a shirt that is too short, too long, too tight or maybe even too loose. Buying a tailored dress shirt also means you get to choose the type of fabric, collar, cuffs and even buttons. Options that are very limited when buying from a department store.

eTailors takes this a step further by bringing the tailors straight to your doorstep. Why? Because we understand you may have a busy schedule and we believe going through the swatch book of fabrics, buttons and other styling options, as well as taking your exact measurements are key steps to handcrafting a shirt that will not only be comfortable but will look amazing.

During our visit, our tailoring expert will take his/her time to ensure each feature of your body is recorded with precision to guarantee a perfect fit.

We encourage you to get in contact with us to schedule this one of a kind experience and find out how eTailors can help you pick the perfect dress shirt. We are currently serving South Florida.

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